Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm here!

Hello avid blog readers!!!
Well, i finally made it Vietnam after a week of vigorous training, and two long days of flying!
What's it like you ask? Hot and humid! But i'm so glad to be here.
I got all settled in my little room yesterday. I'm staying in a little hotel with five other girls on my team. We each have our own room with a bathroom and they all open out onto a balcony that overlooks the inner courtyard of the hotel. We're about a couple minutes walk from the main street with all the shops and markets.
There's so much to tell even after only a few days of being here, so i'll just hit some of the highlights.
- Traffic here is INSANE. Traffic rules don't seem to apply. I crossed the street for the first time last night and thought that I was going to die.
- I'm starting classes on Saturday and will be teaching one teen class and two adult classes. I'll be teaching tues, thurs, and sat. We got our curriculum just a few hours ago, so i'm excited to look over that!
- I had Pho for breakfast this morning at a little shop on the street. Soup for breakfast will take some getting used too! But i'm getting better at chopsticks!
- There's so many people here! On the streets, driving, selling things, and just talking. Even though it seems so busy here, the culture is very relaxed and people oriented. I like it.
- I had coconut milk yesterday still in the coconut with a straw inside. My new favorite drink!
- I had vanilla ice-cream yesterday made with coconut milk...loved it!
- There's so much to tell, but i think those are the highlights :)

Love and miss all of you!


DL said...

Great blog! It will be fun to keep up with you. This post is fascinating - the ice cream with coconut milk sounds really delicious. You're doing great work and Aunt Colleen and I are looking to following your story. Work hard, have fun and be safe. You'll be in our thoughts.
Uncle Dennis

Danae Gillespie said...

Thanks so much, Uncle Dennis! :)