Monday, September 27, 2010


I ran at Clifton Gorge over the weekend. . .
Miles and miles of trails covered in crisp and colorful fall leaves.

And i had lunch with some beautiful and wise friends. And we talked for hours . . .

I baked a cake - lemon and coconut - and went thrifting with my mom. And i watched football with my dad.

And of course i played with our puppy, who wiggled all over when she saw me, and seemed genuinely sad when i left. Oh Sadie, dog.

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KatieSue said...

you are a beautiful wise friend thru and thru ;-) you're doing so great, girl. miss your spicy apple red hair and fun earth tone attire..hope everything is going well at Brian College. I need to here more about your life! oh, and guess what, I am traveling home from Michigan right now. With my Yellow Team. We had a blast at Lake Ann Camp..The trees are probably going to be gorgeous colors soon! Love you sweetie. Keep up your crazy running.:-P should share your thoughts from the Passion and Purity book, if you have any.. loves loves loves...xoxo