Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not yet, please.

A few days ago it was June, right?
With every beautiful, blue, breezy day I ask summer to slow down, but it's almost over and I'm ordering textbooks and scrambling to see people before i leave.
This week was full of work, but the weather was beautiful and during my time off I did some wonderful summer-y things.

I picked raspberries with my mom at a little orchard down the road.
We only planned to pick a few, and ended up with eleven dollars worth.
It was so relaxing to be out in the sunshine in a raspberry patch with my mom, talking and laughing.
The orchard is set back from the road a ways and the store is a wooden barn surrounded by leafy shade trees and wildflowers.
Inside is cool and they sell homemade soaps and lotions alongside the fruit.
So peaceful.
I bought some lemon scented lotion. I want to eat my hands when I wear it.

And i picked a bouquet from my mother's flower gardens...

...And gathered tomatoes from the garden and ate them with salt and pepper, still warm from the summer sun.

And I got breakfast with a friend this morning at Clifton Mill.
The pancakes were bigger than my head and so delicious...banana walnut, yum.

Just a few days more before I have to leave...summer, don't end, please.


Beth Impson said...

Ah, but it wouldn't seem so wonderful if it weren't a contrast to the rest of the year! (Not that I don't concur with your feelings wholeheartedly!) See you soon, dear heart, and we'll have fun of a different kind!

Millie said...

I'm so jealous of your garden tomatoes...