Friday, July 23, 2010

I Have Been Blessed.

The people here in Vietnam have beautiful hearts. I have been so blessed to get to know the staff here at the school i teach, as well as everyone else i have met, beginning with my housemom.

Our housemom is the landlady of the hotel, and is beautiful both inside and out. She always welcomes us with a warm, genuine smile and waves good-bye when we leave for school as if we were 10 years old getting on the school bus :) Even after I locked my keys in my room twice, she still laughed and got me a new set (after fake scolding me haha). She lets us borrow her dishes and hangs our laundry up to dry when we don't have time to take it out of the washer. I can always smell her amazing cooking wafting upstairs from her little outside stove and hear her talking to her husband and her son. I wish i could speak her language - she laughs at us when we attempt Vietnamese :)

My motorbike driver here at the school.
Today it was raining when he came to pick me up, and i had forgotten my poncho, so instead of just letting me get wet, he gives me his (he insisted!) and drives me to the school. And he doesn't just give me the poncho, he puts in on me - he's such a wonderful fatherly figure, and he doesn't know a word of English. I wish i could speak his language. The most i can tell him is Com on. Thank-you.

The owners of restaurants that we frequent. They always laugh when we come back...again and eat their delicious (and safe!) food. They show us how to eat it, because here food is eaten in steps, and laugh when we do things the "wrong" way.
Today a teammate and I ordered "Hot Pot" which is a soup on a burner with spices and vegetables. This also comes with raw meat that you cook in the boiling soup, vermecelli noodles, and big vegetable leaves (sort of like spinach). We kept turning the burner off by mistake and the owners laughed at us and just kept helping us turn it back on. They are lovely people.

There are so many other people who have blessed me here, and it's sad to know that once i leave i won't see them again. I can only hope that i left as much of an impression on them as they left on me. I hope that they can see Him shining through me.

Just a few thoughts on this rainy day here in Bien Hoa.

Love from Vietnam!


cynthia.marie23 said...

Danae my dear you inspire me!! It has been so great to read your thoughts and see how you are being used in so many ways to share love to others. I can't wait to really hear all about it and see even more incredible pictures! Just thinking about all that rain is crazy, but you're taking it like a champ :) I want you to know that you are doing sooo great and don't ever forget what one little thoughtful act could do to bring joy into one of those Vietnamese ppl. Well i can't wait to hear more. Love your girlie.

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing some of your experiences! I am glad you are enjoying the people there.