Friday, July 9, 2010


Well, I'm just finishing week two here in the bustling, crowded country of Vietnam.
I must say that the newness has been wearing off as i fall into a routine of teaching, eating, lesson prepping, and coping with language and cultural differences.
Somehow reality is much different than how i had imagined this summer to be. For some reason i had expected this summer to be one great fabulous adventure...and while it is that, it's also stretching me in many ways. For example...
I get stared at, whistled at, and hit on ALL the time. The staring that at first seemed so innocent and that made me smile has become an annoyance. I feel like something on display in a shop window, and force myself not to glare back into the dark eyes of these Vietnamese people.
I miss the food from home...noodle soup for breakfast and rice for almost every meal is becoming repetitive.
Some of my classes have been quite a handful and i am forced to play the part of a strict disciplinarian - a part i don't really enjoy playing. BUT despite all of this, i have been learning to rely on Him for my strength, my courage, and my perseverance. He has supplied me with faith when i have doubted that i have a purpose here in Bien Hoa. He has supplied me with strength to face each day. And He has provided me with some amazing people here. But please be thinking of me...
On a more positive note: I have had the pleasure of teaching a few classes at the Nike factory here in Bien Hoa and have enjoyed it immensely! The adult classes are much easier to manage and i have begun to form relationships with them, even in the few hours i am at the factory. I have gotten to know the staff better at VMG and have had some fun time in the office late at night when we're supposed to be lesson prepping :) I have eaten chicken feet, cookies with pork in them, and have tasted moonshine. Overall i have to say that i have been blessed and can only hope that i will be able to touch the people's lives here as well.

Well, off to lesson prepping for some classes!

Love from Vietnam!


Alyssia said...

It sounds like some tough stuff. My family and I are praying for you and I hope things start getting a bit easier.

Danae Gillespie said...

Thanks, Alyssia! :)

Andrea said...

I like that eating chicken feet is on your highlight list. :) It sounds like you are experiencing some culture shock, which is never easy. I am lifting you up!

DL said...

Rice, moonshine and chicken feet - sounds like a great gourmet meal! Colleen and I often talk about your experiences and we look forward to your blog entries. Be safe and enjoy your work.
Uncle Dennis