Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When i traveled to Vietnam this summer i discovered they ate noodle soup for breakfast. This was oh so different than my usual bowl of LIFE cereal, but I liked it.

Some girls on my team and i found a lovely little Phò place near the Làc Thuy hotel where we lived. The walk took us about three minutes, and the soup was delicious!

A few weeks after arriving in Bien Hoa, we did find a market that sold fruit loops and corn flakes! I loved eating cold cereal on hot, sticky mornings.

Now that i'm back in the states and the weather has gotten cold and snowy, I'm completely addicted to instant oatmeal. My favorite? Wal-mart's organic apples and cinnamon :)

Sometimes i mix in a few handfuls of dried cherries and walnuts to change up the flavor.
Here's a picture of our kitchen (where we ate cereal, fried rice, and cooked spaghetti for our neighbor) in Vietnam, and my lovely teammate, Lynn :)


Millie said...

Noodle soup for breakfast? I'm not sure I could get used to that.

Anonymous said...

The noodle soup might be more cultural, but the oatmeal does look more yummy!