Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spidery Handwriting.

This summer will be busy. Super duper.
I will be working at the ice-cream store, completing American Literature II online (which promises to be a fun class if i devote myself properly), and sifting through my Great Grandma's stories which will eventually become my Senior thesis.
Check out these hard to read pages...but it's been fun already.

Last night I discovered my Great Grandma had tea with a Danish prince.
The lady I remember with silver-white hair and a wrinkled face is proving herself to be an
exciting and classy woman.


Millie said...

I am excited for your summer! I can't wait to hear about your ice cream stories (I have plenty myself), and your grandma's stories! I'm a tad bit jealous... :-)

Garrett said...

I'm so excited for our thesis group. Yours sounds very interesting.

Also, just a head's up, your picture is broken...

Lindsay said...

Please, please, can I read your thesis when it's finished?!