Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Things

Junior year of college is completed, and I'm ready for summer.
Here's a little of what I plan to do when I go back to my little village of Cedarville, Ohio :)

1. Bicycle Rides

I love riding on the country roads around my house,
and shhhh but I love to find old graveyards and have picnics with the old folks.

2. Yellow Springs Farmers Market
What could be better than fresh jams and jellies, garden fresh veggies
and early morning outdoors...mmm i couldn't say.

3. Firefly lanterns
My brother's and my favorite pastime when we were growing up...
i plan to reawaken the firefly adventures this summer


Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh - I cannot wait for the farmer's market to start!! :) Happy beginning of summer!

Millie said...

This makes me want to come hang out with you this summer!