Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Student Teaching.

I've been teaching for about a month now, and I am getting used to early mornings and early bedtimes. The sunrises are beautiful in Tennessee when they surround the mountains with pink and purple sky. At first I hated teaching (oh no!) because of the early mornings and fears of being a terrible teacher. But I'm learning to enjoy the rhythm of the days, and by 2:50 I'm exhausted but satisfied that I have purpose in this profession.
So many children come from broken homes, and I am thankful I can offer a smile or affirmation. I enjoy the evenings off that give me time to write and read. I lesson plan and grade a little after school, but mostly I can get these things finished during my planning period and over the weekend on Saturday mornings at the coffee shop.
God has been my source of strength, revival, and hope these past few weeks, and I am beginning to find joy and contentment in Him.
I'm beginning a Research Unit with my 6th graders tomorrow and am excited to see how this goes. I've already had a few lessons flop due to high expectations and inexperience, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Happy Wednesday!


Joan said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. =)

I wanted to reassure you that we all have lesson that flop. Just this week my grammar lesson hit the dirt with a resounding "thud"! I'm lucky that I have five English classes so that when the lesson doesn't quite go how I would like, I can retool and try again.

Keep at it!

Andrea said...

Love this, Danae! Keep up the good work :) I love seeing how much you've grown in God in the last year, it's such an encouragement for me.